damn.!! MATT BELLAMY guitars are now officially on sale.!!!

giler arr... gitar matt bellamy, vocalis MUSE, ataupun dikenali sebagai manson guitar, mmg susah dpt, hanya matt bellamy je yg ade gtar tu, dan kali ni, atas permintaan ramai, gtar tu telah dijual secara official.. sape cepat, die dpt.!!! (sial arr, xmampu aku nak bli, huhu, melepas aku... tunggu la aku kaye nanti.!!! huhu~)

Official Manson/Bellamy Signature Guitars
Manson’s Guitar Shop is proud to confirm the launch of the MB-1 guitar range today April 14th 2009.

A historic day for Manson Guitars First official signature model.
A historic day for Signature Guitars The most technologically advanced signature guitar in the world.
A historic day for Matthew Bellamy Muse guitarist makes public his new signature model.

This product is available exclusively from Manson’s Guitar Shop Exeter Devon with delivery of the first releases due summer 2009. Prices and delivery details of further models from the MB-1 range are all to be confirmed.

Master luthier Hugh Manson, and guitarist Matthew Bellamy, the 21st century’s first real guitar hero, enjoy world recognition from the unique creations Bellamy has used to front the powerhouse trio, Muse. Under a long standing agreement, these guitars have remained special one-off creations only available to the Muse guitarist, songwriter and frontman. Incorporating unique finishes and electronics such as MIDI controlling screens, Fuzz Factory internals, many of these instruments have become famous in the band’s live set with several earning themselves unique identities. The “DeLorean” and The Bomber are now legendary instruments.

During this time the agreement struck between Hugh Manson and Matthew Bellamy has been to never replicate the body shape of those instruments. However, we are pleased to announce today that as an official Signature Guitar, production will commence of two models bearing the shape of the original guitar. The first will be in production shortly and deposits can be taken to secure summer 2009 delivery. It is available in Matt Black or for a small upcharge, gloss Red Sparkle. Future production models will include the “DeLorean” (an aluminium faced instrument) with optional Fuzz Factory, Phaser, and midi controller circuits incorporated. The price is still TBC, but we will accept orders for those interested, delivery likely to be autumn 2009.
All guitars are made in the UK.

Model Details MB-1 Range

MB-1 Standard (Matt Black) £2999

MB-1 Standard (Red Glitter) £3199

MB-1 Standard with MIDI Control Screen (Matt Black) £3299 Available to order now.

MB-1 Standard with MIDI Control Screen (Red Sparkle) £3499 Available to order now.

“DeLorean” Standard (No FX) £TBC

“DeLorean” Fuzz Phase £TBC

“DeLorean” MIDI Controller £TBC

For full spec please visit our Manson Signature Guitars Page

reference : http://www.mansons.co.uk/news/news-item/30.html

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momoQue said...

die x jual ke matt tu sekali??
aku nk beli

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wah! ini la peluang anda nak transform jadi abang matt bellamy pula!!!!

cepat beli!

Ejazul said...

xde duet.!! huhU~

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Naseb la aku duk subang, klu aku duk U.K, da 18 bijik aku beli..

p/s: pstu makan pasir takde duet. hahaha