this Harley is INSANE.!

Talk about Harley Davidson, or what we called as "Moto Chopper", you will imagine a bike with insane handle bar, then you said "how the hell im going to ride this????". Haha, i always thought that. just like this...


 Why i wanna talk about Harley Davidson? so here is the story, my last post is about a great metal vocalist, Mitch Lucker, die on motorcycle accident. At that time i wonder, "what kind/type of bike did he ride? Superbike or easy-ride?" of coz not that kapchai bike that all f**king rempit bike. #Malay . Actually he ride a Sportster 48 Harley Davidson. I know from his past instagram. See below picture.

YES.! it is a crazy bike.! look at its engine. fuhhhh~ so the point is, I LOVE this bike. Cantik dowh.... So my thought of Harley change from insane handle bar to awesome bike.! SO the point of my post here, i try to find this bike in Malaysia market ( if its available and i wanna know the price also. So the result is, i found it in!!!! but the price. not too bad, same price as Proton Inspira. But hey, if i have money, i will buy it u know.! Then tell everyone, "Dulu Mitch Lucker pakai moto ni bai.! ape barang pakai LC, FZ, RXZ." bahahaha, but jangan aku plak...... Na'uzubillah~  See below picture of the bike at mudah + custom exaust like Mitch installed at his bike.

R.I.P Mitch.

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