My Guitar Collection

As you know, hobi aku adalah main gitar. So di sini aku just nak share my guitar collections and their background.

1. Maxstone Red Stratocaster (nickname : Merah)

- My very first electric guitar
- nickname taken from Malay word, 'Merah' means red. Dont know what name need to give at that time.
- Bought in 2006 for RM550 (package include Amp)
- Beli gitar dengan hasil bekerja sambilan after SPM sebagai tukang cuci pinggan di sebuah kedai Bistro di Raub. Hasil kumpul gaji selama 4 bulan, berhenti kerja dan terus beli gitar.
- Year active : 2006 - NOW.

2. Santa Cruz Alpine White Les Paul (nickname : Shiro)

- Bought in 2009 during my Internship, for RM600 (around that)
- nickname taken from a Japanese word, 'Shiro', thats mean 'White'.
- inspired by Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance in early days.
-  Al-kisah, i was looking white les paul guitar that time, no matter what brand. Tiba-tiba dapat message from my friend, The Rock ( Syafiq), that time he also do internship at JB, said that he managed to find a white les paul. Then he send picture, details etc. Later i transfer him the cash, and the problem now how he want to send me the guitar all the way from JB to KL. Aku pun teringat my hometown buddies, Emim, studied at UTM Skudai, so aku bagitau dia suh ambik gitar kat The Rock, then bawak balik gitar tu naik bas bila dia pulang ke rumah family dia di KL. Later then, aku pegi rumah dia dari Setiawangsa ke TBS by train.
- Year active : 2009 - NOW

3. Schecter 'Wine Red' Tempest Custom (nickname : Alexia)

- bought in 2012 at forumer as used guitar, for RM1300
- nickname taken from a female singer/guitarist of metalcore band, 'Eyes Set To Kill', named 'Alexia'.
- inspired by Jeremy DePoyster, guitarist/singer of a metalcore band named 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Beli gitar ni sebab that time im in a metalcore band, so nak dapat sound dan feeling metal, i bought this guitar.
- Year active :  2012 - 2013
- This guitar sold to other forumers.
- Reason sell it because not comfortable with my playing.

Jeremy DePoyster

4. Epiphone Phantomatic 'Cream' Wilshire (nickname : Cherry)

- bought in 2012 at Icons Music, Puchong, for RM2200
- nickname taken from Frank's daughter named 'Cherry'
- inspired by Frank Iero of MCR (My Chemical Romance). This guitar is signature guitar by him.
- Year active : 2012- 2013
- Sold it because managed to booked the same guitar but limited 500 unit worldwide, in emerald green color. 

5. 1992 Gibson 'Wine Red' Les Paul Studio (nickname : Alexia-2)

- bought as used guitar in 2013 at FB Jamtank group, for RM2600
- nickname taken from previous Schecter guitar as the same 'wine red' color.
- inspired by Ben Bruce of metalcore band, 'Asking Alexandria', in early year of their band and live performance.
- Year active : 2013 - 2015
- Sold it due to this guitar is so heavy!. Superb quality, superb sound but need to sell it due to in need of money that time. Will get this type of guitar in the future, insya Allah.

6. Epiphone Phantomatic 'Emerald Green' Wilshire (nickname : Cherry-2)

- bought in 2013, at Icons Music, Puchong, for RM2200
- nickname taken from previous guitar cause of the same guitar but different color.
- this guitar paid by installment for a year.! why? sebab aku memang pokai dah that time ,but i cant missed it because this guitar is limited to 500 units only worldwide.!
- same guitar as Cream Cherry before, all the features, wood, are all the same. The different is it comes with a certified paper with original hand signature by Frank Iero.!
- Year active : 2013 - NOW

Frank Iero

7. Cort MBC-1 (nickname : Amy)

- bought in 2015 at The Guitar Store Damansara, for RM2199
- a signature guitar by Matthew Bellamy (MUSE).
- nickname taken from the last 3 characters of word Bellamy, thats why 'Amy'
- actually, dari mula aku blaja main gitar in 2003, sampai la sekarang 2015, i always wanted this guitar shape but hardly get it because, Matt's guitar only build special for him only. Kalau jual pun, you need to order it in Manson Guitarworks located in UK, for almost £3000 .!!! kalau convert duit Malaysia, boleh dapat kereta kelisa sebijik tau.! but since aku baca news late 2014, Manson guitar join venture with Cort (korea brand) build a affortable guitar for MUSE's fans. surpisingly, aku ingat paling koman harga RM3k ke atas. nasib RM2k. and now, i love this guitar so much.!
- Year active : 2015 - NOW.

Matthew Bellamy

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