PC Fair 2012, Fair Enough

Today i went to KLCC, Convention Center for 2012 PC Fair, organize by PIKOM. I looking for mini desktop for my parents in Raub. They love to play FB game but the current desktop way too old to support flash game, (although its Pentium 4). So now, i and my other siblings planned to get them a new desktop. Therefore, i was assigned a task by my sister to do some survey at PC Fair, look how the price goes. Budget around RM800 only. so round punye round, paling puas hati spec Acer Mini Desktop, Pentium i3 with Windows 8 (you know what, Windows 8 way cool interface yo.!) but the price, haiyaaa.... RM1200, lari budget woi.! so then, i decide to go to Lowyat Plaza, and im sure i can get that spec in RM800 price. Hope so. #pray. Here some picture at PC Fair 2012, using my GoPro Hero HD 2 with 720p, 11mp.(NOTE: below pix already converted into smaller size, size from 5mb to 400kb each pix, to save space for blog.)

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